Our story

Experience and passion are our motive

Ours is the story of a score which has been combining the same elements for over 20 years and creates a melody with unmistakable sounds.

Manufacturing quality, sound excellence, handcrafted beauty, culture of innovation, accurate personalization in the details and a 100% made in Italy production.

Refinement in the details

These are the notes that write our music and that we passionately entrust to the accordions we build, so that they can release the creativity of each performer.

We are the men and women who write this score with commitment.

We are the skilled craftsmen in wood, metal and color working that instill an all-Italian soul to the show of sounds and materials that bears the name FISMEN.

The beauty of tradition

The passion for work that unites our workers is inextricably linked to the extraordinary region, rich in history and traditions, in which we grew up and live.

FISMEN Accordions makes all its creations in Castelfidardo, a historic town in the Marche region, famous all over the world for being considered the home of the accordion.

In this unique artisan district, the manufacturing knowledge and the elaborate secrets of these extraordinary instruments have been handed down for over a century.

Our adventure has its origins from the unconditional love for the accordion and its unmistakable sound, nowadays popular in every area of the world.

The FISMEN Accordions brand was actually born from the meeting of three visionary craftsmen, who – over 20 years ago – decided to share their passion and pursue a work philosophy made of quality, excellence and innovation.

The music we love to write

Mastery and traditional taste, combined with the pursuit of excellence in the elements used, are the factors that we put together every day to create our accordions.

Instruments appreciated by internationally renowned artists for their handcrafted nature, the beautiful finishes and the great manufacturing reliability that makes them especially versatile for the performance of classical, jazz and contemporary music, and folk one.

With renewed passion, the FISMEN Accordions brand continues to pursue its philosophy of quality, in search of innovative technical and aesthetic solutions.

Today there are over 50 accordion models produced and marketed all over the world.

Photos by Tommaso Cimarelli


Piano and chromatic accordions for classic, jazz and contemporary music.

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Diatonic, piano and chromatic accordions (with Cassotto) for folk and Oberkrainer music.

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Diatonic, piano and chromatic accordions (without Cassotto) for folk and Oberkrainer music.

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Complete Catalog

Consult the complete catalog of our accordions in PDF.

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