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Piano, chromatic and diatonic accordions for classical, jazz, contemporary, folkloric or Oberkrainer music.

Alpline 396 MHST

Accordion Piano

The Alpline 396 MHST model reproduces a full and powerful sound that is very similar to the Steirisch sound of a diatonic accordion! This is possible thanks to the use, at the right hand, of the triangular shaped valves.

Model available in the variants: MHST


K = Chromatic , M = Musette tuning , H = Helicon basses R = Bass registers + Bass mechanics switchable between helicon system and standard system, Steirich sound (with triangular valves at the right hand)

Available in various colors

Technical Data

Modello 396 MHST


Mano Destra

Bottoni : 37 | Cori: 3 | Estensione: F - F | Registri: -

Mano Sinistra

Bottoni : 96 | Cori: 4 | Registri: -

Altre informazioni

Peso (indicativo) : 9 kg | Cassa: 430 x 200 | Voci: Durall

Compose your ALPLINE

The Fismen accordions of the ALPLINE collection are available in:

  1. Matt bubinga with inlays
  2. Shiny ebony with inlays
  3. Matt ebony with inlays
  4. Matt beech
  5. Shiny Indian apple with inlays
  6. Matt Indian apple with inlays
  7. Shiny black with red inlays
  8. Matt walnut
  9. Matt satin walnut
  10. Shiny Indian rosewood with inlays
  11. Matt Indian rosewood with inlays
  12. Matt stone pine
  13. Shiny California walnut with inlays
  14. Matt California walnut with inlays
  15. Shiny olive walnut with inlays
  16. Matt olive walnut with inlays
  17. Sunset (with copper accessories)
  18. Matt yew
  19. Shiny orange olive wood
  20. Shiny blue olive wood
  21. Shiny olive wood with inlays
  22. Matt olive wood with inlays
  23. Shiny red olive wood
  24. Matt ziricote (without light parts)

The standard accessories for shiny accordions are chrome and for matt accordions they are antique silver.

The ALPLINE piano accordionshave pearl white keys and buttons Upon request, the accessories are also available in gunmetal, gold, antique brass or copper.

ALPLINE chromatic accordionshave pearl white buttons (with pearl black halftones).

The buttons for the ALPLINE diatonic accordions are available in ivory*, pearl white*, pearl blue*, pearl black*, pearl red*, pearl green*, ebony**, rosewood**, olive wood**, palisander**, artifi cial bone**, bone**, deer bone**, silver or gold mirror and real light or dark mother-of-pearl.

* Upon request, the buttons with the asterisk are available, at the right hand, with the visible screw.

** The buttons of wood and of bone with the double asterisk have, at the right hand, the visible screw

The standard bellows for the ALPLINE collectionare brown on the outside and beige on the inside, or black on the outside and red on the inside.

ALPLINE accordions have the metal grill.

The Learn 23 and Learn 24 models of the ALPLINE collection are in matt walnut (n. 08), with chrome accessories, bellows brown outside and beige inside and pearl white buttons (without visible screw).

ALPLINE accordions are supplied with a brown Fismen case.

For the Learn models, on request, the black Fismen backpack can be ordered as an alternative



Piano and chromatic accordions for classic, jazz and contemporary music.

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Diatonic, piano and chromatic accordions (with Cassotto) for folk and Oberkrainer music.

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Diatonic, piano and chromatic accordions (without Cassotto) for folk and Oberkrainer music.

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